Score Calculation & Bonus Categories

The Magic Formula: (100 - Age) + All Applicable Bonus Points = Total Score

Example: If your pick was 105 years old AND it was a 'Solo Pick', you would get 20 points: (100 - 105) + 25 = 20

The Home Solo Pick: 25 Points

Your celebrity is not picked by anyone else in your Funeral home.

The Site-Wide Solo Pick: 25 Points

Your celebrity is not picked by anyone else site-wide. These points are awarded in ADDITION to the Home Solo.

First Blood: 25 Points

You are the first mourner(s) to get a hit in your Funeral Home. This applies to as many Homes as you are in.

The Kurt Cobain: 25 Points

Celebrity dies from suicide.

The Amy Winehouse: 25 Points

Celebrity dies from an accidental drug or alcohol overdose. Confirmed by toxicology before the end of the Funeral Home year.

The Whitney Houston: 25 Points

A black celebrity dies during Black History Month (February).

The Bette Davis: 25 Points

Celebrity dies from breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).

The SpiderJ: 25 Points

Celebrity is well known as a musician. While all rulings on qualifying musicians are at the discretion of the DSCDP, the following is a short list of qualifiers:
  • Any celebrity who primarily creates and/or performs music
  • Performers, singers, song writers, composers and conductors
  • EXCLUDES: DJ's, producers and record label owners (unless they were well known musicians)

The John Lennon: 50 Points

Celebrity is murdered. For the purposes of this game "murder" is defined as being killed against your will, at the behest of another, while having a reasonable expectation of not being killed. So, by that definition, Law enforcement, spies and military personnel will not qualify, unless they are murdered outside of their profession. And to clarify further, terrorists killed in drone strikes or any other military operation will not count.

The Machine Gun Kelly: 50 Points

Celebrity dies on their birthday.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd: 50 Points

Celebrity dies in an aircraft crash: Plane, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon, Para-Gliders and Spacecraft. Basically any powered flight. Gliders are the only non-powered aircraft exception, and will be included. Skydiving, Wing Suits and Base Jumping are not considered aircraft. They're just a horrific and messy wardrobe malfunction.

The Daily Double: 50 Points

2 celebrities die in the same day (25 points for each celebrity). 3 celebs would be an extra 75 points, etc.

The Last Call: 100 Points

Celebrity dies on December 31st.