Frequently Asked Questions & How To's
What is Stanhope's favorite cocktail?
Loosey Goosey – Grey Goose and Metamucil
Can I start or join a Funeral Home at any time?
Yes, as long as the Funeral Home hasn't started AND the Funeral Director lets you in, either by invite or accepting your request to join. Once a Funeral Home has started, new players cannot be added.
Can I start or join multiple Funeral Homes?
Yes, you can start and join as many Funeral Homes as you like.
Why are there only 13 bonus point categories?
With the different variations of bonus points, 13 separate categories will give you a broad array of ways to make points. If you or your Funeral Director wish to add other bonus points, you will be responsible for keeping track of those points.
Why do I have to verify my email?
  1. To make sure robots (or Skinny Kiltrunner) aren't trying to flood our database with fake users.
  2. To make sure we have a valid email for DSCDP and interhome communications.
How do I upload a photo for my profile picture?
Go to the Edit My Profile page under the at the top-right, and you can browse for an image of your own.

KEEP IN MIND...any image deemed salacious, illegal or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted by the site administrator and replaced with a generic image. You will be notified via email that we have removed your image and why we have done so.
What is the difference between my Celebrity Picks, my Alternates and My Watch List?
Celebrity Picks: These are the celebrities you add to the Funeral Home(s) you are playing in. These can be changed, deleted, or added at any time before the start of the game. Once the game has started, these picks are locked choose wisely!

Alternates: In the event that any of your celebrities dies or becomes ineligible before game time, the alternates will automatically substitute for the celebrity that is no longer eligible. The number of the alternate corresponds to the order in which you want them to fill the next available hole. You move them higher and lower in the list by clicking Move Up or Move Down in the Alternate # box. So make your most desired alternate #1, second most desired #2, etc.

My Watch List: This is a list of potential celebrities you may want to play the game with. These celebs can be added to any or all of the Funeral Homes you've joined at any time before the start of a game. This list will stay active as long as you have an active account. It is a good idea to add to this list throughout the year, so you have a head start on making a list for the next game!
Are there prizes for placing first in my Funeral Home or my Funeral Home placing first overall?
Usually, the Funeral Director of each Funeral Home will be responsible for organizing, announcing and/or distributing such prizes. If at such time, the Doug Stanhope Celebrity Death Pool Administrators decide to award any prizes for 'Best Funeral Home', 'MVP', etc., we will make an announcement to all players during the Funeral Home year.
What is the cost of playing?
Registering is always free. From there you can join anyone's Funeral Home for free. If you wish to be a Funeral Director and start a Home for others to join, the fee is FREE for an unlimited capacity Funeral Home. Play with as few or as many Mourners as you like.

How do the Trade Rounds work?
  1. Trade Rounds are a 24 hour period on the 15th of every month where mourners can drop 1 celebrity from their list and add another celebrity
  2. Trade Rounds occur begin at 10:00 AM UTC (regardless of time zone) and end at 10:00 AM UTC the following day
  3. Step-by-Step Trading
    • STEP 1: Drop one of your current celebrties
      • Go to the My Funeral Homes tab and then click into one of your homes
      • Click the View Picks button to open your celebrity list
      • Click the Trade button next to the celebrity you want to DROP
      • You will be asked to confirm your drop
    • STEP 2: Add a new celebrtiy
      • Go to the Search tab and search for the new celebrity
      • Click the Pick Me button next to the celebrity you want. The pop-up box will display your available options
      • Alternatively, you can go to your My Watch List tab to find a celebrity
      • Again, click the Pick Me button next to the celebrity you want
    • STEP 3: You are done for that Trade Round
  4. IMPORTANT Things to Know
    • Trade Rounds are completely OPTIONAL
    • You can drop ANY of your own currently living picks, including your SOLOs
    • During Trade Rounds the other mourners' picks in your home will be hidden from your view
    • You cannot pick up any other mourners' celebrities within your Funeral Home if that celebrity is on another mourners' list at the time that the Trade Round opens. However, ANY celebrities dropped by other mourners in your Funeral Home during the Trade Round can be picked IF no other mourner in your home has that pick.
      • Example 1: If a mourner drops their SOLO pick, you are free to pick it up, unless another mourner beats you to it.
      • Example 2: If 10 mourners all have the same pick, and they ALL drop that pick, you are free to pick it up until another mourner beats you to it.
    • At any time you can click the 'View Picked Celebrities' link near the top of your Funeral Home page to see a list of celebrities you can NOT pick.
    • During Trade Rounds multiple mourners within your home MAY happen to pick the same celebrity. REMEMBER, you are blind to other mourners' picks until the Trade Round is over, so you won't know whether or not your pick was a SOLO until then.
    • Once you drop a celebrity and pick a new one, that trade is FINAL. You will have to wait for the next Trade Round to make another trade
    • Participating in Trade Rounds is a GAMBLE
      • If your newly drafted celebrity dies during the trade round in which he/she was picked, NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED
      • If your newly drafted celebrity dies during the trade round in which he/she was picked, you have until the end of the Trade Round to select another celebrity OR YOU WILL LOSE THAT SPOT
      • NOTE: The DSCDP may not know about a celebrity death until AFTER the Trade Round ends. In that case, you are stuck with that empty spot. THIS IS THE GAMBLE YOU TAKE!
      • If you drop a celeb and forget to add another before the Trade Round ends, YOU WILL LOSE THAT SPOT. In other words, you will be playing with one less celebrity for the rest of the game
    • The timer you see at the top will be counting down to the start of the next trade round
    • During the trade round, the timer will count down to the end of the trade round (24 hour period)
  6. SCENARIO - New Solo Assessment
    • Mourner A and Mourner B are the only two mourners in the same home who currently have Willie Nelson
    • Mourner A drops Willie to pick up another celeb
    • Mourner B now has a SOLO pick for Willie
How do I join someone else's Funeral Home?
When you complete registration, or at any time up to the start of the Funeral Home you want to join, you have two options:
  1. Funeral Directors can send you an invitation email from their Funeral Home console with an invitation link.
  2. Go to the Search tab to search for open Funeral Homes accepting requests to join.
How long does a game last?
The year-long Funeral Home runs from January 15th to December 31st. However, a Funeral Home can be started any time from January 15th to October 31st.

NOTE: Regardless of start time, all Funeral Homes end on December 31st.
How do I add a celebrity that is not in the database?
When searching for celebrities, if yours does not appear, you'll have the option at the bottom of the search page to request to add your celebrity to our database. You will submit the relevant information to us for review, and we will either 'Approve' or 'Deny' the request. You will be notified by email in either case.
Can I pick a celebrity over 100 years old?
Yes, but this is a gamble on your part, because you may lose points if you don't get any bonus points. The basic point formula is:

(100 - Age) + All Applicable Bonus Points = Total Score

Example: If your pick was 105 years old AND it was a 'Solo Pick', you would get 20 points: (100 - 105) + 25 = 20.
How does the Auto-Draft function work?
When your Funeral Home starts play, whether you have a full list of 20 celebrities or not:
  1. Any dead celebrities will be removed from your list
  2. If you don't have all 20 celebrities, Auto-Draft will use as many Alternates as you have to fill empty slots
    • If you now have 20 celebrities, Auto-Draft stops
  3. If you still don't have 20, Auto-Draft will pick random celebrities from your Watch List
    • If you now have 20 celebrities, Auto-Draft stops
  4. If you still don't have 20, Auto-Draft will pick from a random list of the top 100 most picked celebrites from the database
    • Now you DO have 20 celebrities and Auto-Draft is done
How do I start a Funeral Home?
When you complete registration, you will have the options to join an existing Funeral Home or start your own. These options are available at any time up to the start of a Funeral Home and are found on the My Funeral Homes tab and the Funeral Home Search.
How many people are allowed in one Funeral Home?
Starting in 2019, ALL Funeral Homes will be unlimited capacity. Play with as few or as many mourners as you like.
As a Funeral Director, how do I delete someone from my Funeral Home?
Go to the My Funeral Homes tab. Expand your Funeral Home, and click the 'Delete' button next to the mourner you want to delete.
Can I keep the same Funeral Home year to year?
Yes. All Funeral Homes will remain intact at the end of the Funeral Home season. Funeral Directors simply need to click the "Renew" button to start a new viewing for the next season. The new viewing is a clean slate, so it is up to the Funeral Directors to add mourners to the new viewing, and it is up to each mourner to build their lists.